How much Could you save? Calculate the Cost of your contact lenses or glasses in 30 seconds

How much could you save

According to a peer reviewed paper published in The Journal of British Contact Lens Association in 2011, the total annual cost of contact lens for someone who wear them every day was £529 for daily disposable lenses and £330 for monthly lenses*. Therefore, a 10-year cost of contact lens wear according to this calculation is between £3300 to £5290.

Therefore, if you look at it from a financial point of view alone, in the long run laser eye surgery usually costs less than contact lenses in addition to other added benefits you get from laser. You can use our calculator to calculate your estimated cost. Contact lenses / glasses cost calculator. You need to ask yourself if you could afford it, would you prefer to rent or own your house? The answer is simple — most of us want to own. Yes, there is an initial larger payment when you own but this is an asset and an investment over long run. This is a good analogy as some of its principals could also be applied to laser eye surgery. Of course, you have to balance the overall risks and benefits between laser eye surgery versus contact lenses or glasses and the cost is only one of many factors that need to consider.

The cost of Contact lens depends on below three factors: