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About Esmaeil Arbabi

Dr. Esmaeil Arbabi is a Consultant Ophthalmologist who has dedicated his life in helping people of all ages to see better and enjoy the natural vision. He specialises in cataract, corneal transplant and all type of vision correction surgery including LASIK and SMILE.

Before joining Moorfields Eye Hospital, he was working as a Consultant Ophthalmologist at The Royal Liverpool University Hospital in the UK where he was appointed as Lead for Laser and Refractive Services. He was an integral part of setting up a new private clinic (St Pauls Laser Vision) within the NHS hospital so non NHS procedures and non NHS patients can have access to high quality care.

Dr Arbabi is a fully accredited and certified refractive surgeon (vision correction specialist) with multiple qualification/certifications from prestigious universities and regulatory bodies in this field. His expertise in refractive surgery covers all areas, including laser vision correction, ICL implants, and refractive lens exchange as well as premium cataract surgery.

He is a highly experienced consultant and one of the very few surgeons in the UK to perform high volume cataract surgery of 25 cases or more on a routine daily list. His expertise in corneal surgeries span from all types of corneal transplants including DMEK, DSAEK, PDEK, DALK, PKP to complex ocular surface reconstruction and Keratoprosthesis.

Passionate about research, Dr Arbabi has helped with various studies and clinical trials. He has published many papers in highly reputable peer-reviewed journals such as the Journal of Refractive Surgery and the British Medical Journal. He frequently presents his work in national and international conferences. He is an examiner for the European Board of Ophthalmologist (FEBO exam) and also an examiner at the University of Leeds and the University of Liverpool. Esmaeil delights in helping patients achieve fantastic vision and, through highly individualised care, takes pride in making the entire experience as enjoyable as possible for the patient.

Why Dr Arbabi?

Dr. Arbabi has performed over 5,000 ophthalmic surgical procedures.
Be 100% confident you are in expert and trusted hands: Why should I choose Dr Arbabi?
Find out how I compare to other providers.

Wealth of experience

Dr. Arbabi has worked in World class private and National Health Service  hospitals while in the United kingdom.He has a wealth of experience and expertise in many different types of eye surgeries including complex operations such as corneal transplants. His skill and hard work have made him one of most efficient surgeons. While in the UK he performed 25 cataract surgeries in a routine day for the NHS.

full accredited

Fully accredited

He is a fully accredited and certified refractive surgeon (vision correction specialist) with multiple qualifications and certifications from prestigious universities and regulatory bodies in this field.

range of treatments

Range of treatments

He offers a full range of vison correction treatments including LASIK, SMILE, premium laser cataract surgery, refractive lens exchange, and ICL implants ensuring full impartiality so he can truly offer a personalised and tailored treatment that best suits your eyes and your lifestyle.

advanced technologies

Advance technologies

Understanding no two eyes are the same and the need for perfect precision in every eye, Dr. Arbabi has ensured access to advance technologies. He uses advanced Femtosecond and excimer lasers as well as very advanced diagnostic machines including the Pentacam and Sirius tomography and topography. 

wealth of experience

Research and Innovation

Dr Arbabi has designed and lead various studies and research projects. His hard work with his colleagues lead to development of a unique surgical instrument (DMEK Tzamalis punch) to make corneal transplantation easier for surgeon. 

experts you can trust

Experts that you can trust

You are always at the heart of everything Dr. Arbabi does. He will listen to you and address all your questions and concerns honestly and fully. He will take the time to explain the risks and benefits of different treatments including glasses and contact lenses so that you have a full picture and are in a good position to make an informed decision. He is committed to giving you a compassionate and caring treatment that helps you to lead a happier and more fulfilled life through a carefully crafted tailored package of care that best suits your eyes and your lifestyle.

Why Esmaeil Arbabi



affiliation and membership

Affiliation and membership

How do I compare to other providers?

Offered by Me
Offered by Other Providers
Qualifications and training in field of vision correction surgery
Subspecialty training in Cornea and vision correction surgery
Dr. Arbabi is a corneal, refractive and anterior segment surgeon by training. This is the subspecialty in ophthalmology that deals with all different types of vision correction surgery.
Qualification from Royal college of ophthalmologist (Cert-LRS)
This is an accreditation which is only given after passing a very comprehensive exam in the field of vision correction surgery.
Qualification from European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons) (ESCRS)
This is a prestige qualification. As Peter Barry the late president of ESCRS put it: “Not an exam that everyone has to pass. But one that, by design, only few should pass.”
By 2019 there were only 2 other surgeons in the UK with this
Master’s degree in field of cataract and refractive surgery
A Master’s degree specifically in this field of vision correction surgery from Ulster University
Very rare (less than 1%)
Held consultant post in a major university hospital in the UK

Dr Arbabi was Consult Ophthalmologist and the Lead for Refractive Services at The Royal Liverpool University Hospital which is one of the UK’s largest tertiary referral centre.

Laser technology

This is the most popular vision correction surgery World-wide with very fast visual recovery. We use the advanced Femtosecond laser to create the flap unlike some other centres that use traditional microkeratome blade.

‘no touch’ TransPRK

This is an advanced modification of the traditional PRK/LASEK. Here the eye is not touched with any instrument. The laser removes the epithelium without suction, flap, blade or alcohol.


Still a very effective and safe treatment but due to pain and slow recovery Dr Arbabi only uses this if you are not good candidate for other lasers. 

Full range of vision correction surgeries
Refractive lens exchange
Ideal solution for patients of retirement age
Premium cataract surgery
An opportunity to correct your glasses prescription as well as dealing with your cataract. Killing two birds with one stone!
ICL implants
An optimal solution if you are not suitable for laser vision correction
Sight-Saving surgeries
Corneal Transplant and complex ocular surface reconstruction

Dr Arbabi offers all types of corneal surgeries including complex corneal transplant as well as synthetic corneal transplant (Boston keratoprosthesis)

Rarely offered
Topography guided Sequential Customized Therapeutic Keratectomy

Sophisticated laser treatment for patients with poor vision due to irregular corneal surfaces. This is an alternative to corneal transplant in suitable patients. 

Rarely offered
Corneal cross-linking
Stops the Keratoconus progression in its tracks. The only effective and safe procedure to stop your keratoconus from progressing further.
Corneal rings implants: Kerarings, INTACS and Ferrara rings
For patients who has poor vision from keratoconus or do not tolerate their rigid contact lenses
Rarely offered

Discover the freedom from glasses or contact lenses

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